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When 'The Usual' Won't Do

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Gerard's blog. Mostly showbusiness related but other stuff too such as sales and selling, performing and sleeping. I'm an entertainer so I share thoughts about the show biz life. I'm a hypnotist and involved with motivation and life in general - so some of those thoughts also show up here.
image from How to make Corporate Events Fun

How to make Corporate Events Fun

How can you make your event fun? The short answer is that you need to do something a bit different. Don’t Play it Too Safe The easiest things to do for corporate events are what you did last time and what everyone else does. If you play it safe the event will almost certainly be unremarkable. Just the same old thing. So do something different - take a small risk. Different means unfamiliar and that means you wont know exactly how it will go.
image from What is it really called? Hypnosis, hipnosis, hypnotizer?

What is it really called? Hypnosis, hipnosis, hypnotizer?

What is my show really called? Is it a Comedy Hypnotist Show? That is: a show performed by a comedy hypnotist? (That I am). Or is it a Comedy Hypnosis Show, a show where hypnosis is performed in a funny way? On balance I prefer Comedy Hypnotist Show because although I am funny and do funny things, I take the hypnosis part seriously (even though the audience will be laugh-crying while I do it).
image from What is Corporate Entertainment Anyway?

What is Corporate Entertainment Anyway?

You’ll not have to search for long before you find someone advertising themselves as a corporate entertainer or offering corporate entertainment. But how is that different from any other entertainment. Is a corporate comedian somehow different from a regular comedian? What about a corporate hypnotist or juggler? What defines a corporate magician or mentalist? There’s nothing to prevent an artist from billing themselves as a corporate anything, and some do who probably shouldn’t.
image from Doing Real Hypnosis

Doing Real Hypnosis

I visited my friend Rich Guzzi recently. He is arguably the most successul comedy hypnotist in the USA (he gets nearly all the comedy club bookings) and he is certainly one of the busiest and best. We got to talking about our shows and why we choose to do things the way we do. Rich pointed out that his choices are all guided by the underlying principle that he wants to audience to know that it is real hypnosis.
image from Adults Only Magic Show Adelaide Fringe 2022

Adults Only Magic Show Adelaide Fringe 2022

I was a bit apprehensive about going to an adults only magic show at the Adelaide Fringe. Generally I avoid such things and do family friendly shows myself. The show was entirely not what I expected, funny, and not sleazy. Sam and Justin did an awesome job. I can see why it had to be billed as “adulkts only” but despite that name it wasn’t at all sleazy or even “sexy”.
image from How Does Stage Hypnotism Work?

How Does Stage Hypnotism Work?

Is Stage Hypnosis Real? What is real hypnosis? Summary (TL;DR) Hypnosis is real: Wikipedia Stage hypnotists are good at selecting the most easily hypnotised subjects It is easy to get good volunteer subjects so fakes are not needed The Hypnotist will quickly dismiss unresponsive or troublesome people By carefully choosing suggestions the hypnotist can make the subjects more and more compliant Even though a few claim they weren’t “under” its obvious to the audience that they were doing things they wouldn’t normally do.
image from How to Hire a Hypnotist for Your Football Club

How to Hire a Hypnotist for Your Football Club

Having a comedy hypnotist at your club function or awards night is a popular choice. But if you’ve never booked an act like that before, you might be wondering how to go about it. It is not very hard to do. Make Contact Make Contact and Request a Price and Availability. The main thing is to contact the act you are interested in and check that they re available and what they would charge.
image from Why Are Most Comedians So Mean?

Why Are Most Comedians So Mean?

Why are so many comedians rude, mean or offensive? I’m not talking about touching on mildly uncomfortable topics, but rather the all too common practise of being rude or demeaning to one group or another. The reason is simple and is has to do with two things, skill and fear. To write a lot of good clean material that is super funny is hard work. It takes genuine skill and considerable effort.
image from 7 Reasons Your Fundraiser Tickets Aren’t Selling

7 Reasons Your Fundraiser Tickets Aren’t Selling

You’ve got a great fundraiser. People are going to have an absolute blast. But they don’t seem to be buying your tickets. Here are some of the reasons why that could be. 1. You’re Relying On Social Media Social media is great. You can sit at home and post stuff online. Done right you can get lots of people to click on, or to like what you post online. You can really get the idea that you’re going to have a sellout night.
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