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When 'The Usual' Won't Do

What is "Hipnosis" and is it like hypnosis and hypnotism or is it something else?

I have started to see the word “hipnosis” more and more of late and have done some research to find out why. It turns out to have several legitimate meanings and is not simply a mispelling of “hypnosis”.

Hipnosis - Meaning “Hypnosis” but in another language

Hipnosis is used in Spanish and means “hypnosis”. It is also used in Tagalog, a language spoken in the Phillipines.

Hipnosis - The Band

It turns out that there are several bands called Hipnosis around the world. Wikipedia refers to a few bands and / or albums: Hipnosis Wikipedia . But they leave out the most obvious band (in my opinion), these folks from Sydney Australia. Hipnosis Band

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