Why Are Most Comedians So Mean?

Why are so many comedians rude, mean or offensive? I’m not talking about touching on mildly uncomfortable topics, but rather the all too common practise of being rude or demeaning to one group or another.

The reason is simple and is has to do with two things, skill and fear.

To write a lot of good clean material that is super funny is hard work. It takes genuine skill and considerable effort. Whereas the cheap shots and offensive words are comparatively easy.

And a comic faced with the fear of failure - has two options. The first is to go down in flames, and the second is to do whatever it takes to get a laugh. And that leads to taking the easy way out and saving face by going for the guaranteed laugh that comes from making people uncomfortable. Rather than risking an on stage death.

They save face, perhaps not realising that not all laughter is good laughter. Some of it is to avoid cringing.

It takes nerves of steel and a huge amount of confidence to weather those difficult performances without “going low”.