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Gerard's blog. Mostly showbusiness related but other stuff too such as sales and selling, performing and sleeping. I'm an entertainer so I share thoughts about the show biz life. I'm a hypnotist and involved with motivation and life in general - so some of those thoughts also show up here.
image from Why Does Stage Hypnosis Work?

Why Does Stage Hypnosis Work?

How do those shows work? A hypnotist gets a whole bunch of people on stage, and before you know it they’re doing silly things at the suggestion of the hypnotist. What is going on and how does that happen? Why does stage hypnosis work? Summary (or TL;DR) The hypnotist will find within any group those who are most readily hypnotisable on that occasion. Depending on her skill the hypnotist might require a large group to start with to improve their chances.
image from Do Hypnotist Shows Work?

Do Hypnotist Shows Work?

Are hypnotist shows real? Are they fake? Do stage hypnotists really hypnotise people from the crowd? Is it set up in advance somehow? I’m often asked these questions. Along with “Can everyone be hypnotised?”. When you see 16 people on stage all being silly under the “control” of the hypnotist - what is going on? Either: They’re paid actors, They’re just faking it for the fun of it (unpaid), or They’re really hypnotised.
image from Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism and Hypnotism

Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism and Hypnotism

Techniques that embody what we now call [hypnotism][1] have been around for centuries, appearing in various forms in spiritual and religious rites and alternative medical practice. While we look back at the activities of these practitioners and judge them as quacks, much of what they did was normal practice for their times, when the practice of medicine was also ad hoc, unscientific and steeped in mythology and strange beliefs. One of the strangest beliefs that came out of early hypnosis was the concept of animal magnetism.
image from Death By Powerpoint

Death By Powerpoint

It turns out that Powerpoint really can kill!
image from The Surprising Belief That Geese Grow On Trees

The Surprising Belief That Geese Grow On Trees

This surprised me because it is so unlikely and in present times seems so dumb. But it is apparently true that only a few hundred years ago some people believed that a species of goose (the Barnacle Goose) grew on trees. Seriously! How anyone could believe that is beyond me. Moreover the lifecycle was thought to be partly aquatic and, wait for it, the barnacle goose gave its name to barnacles, not the other way around.
image from Last Minute Xmas Bookings

Last Minute Xmas Bookings

If you leave it to the last minute to book your work end-of-year or Christmas entertainment you are likely to miss out. Venues, entertainers and everyone will be busy or already booked, so book early! We do hilarious end-of-year parties, and can supply a full entertainment package. Attractively priced and no-sleaze, guaranteed!
image from Can Anybody Be Hypnotised?

Can Anybody Be Hypnotised?

The only people who cannot be hypnotised at all are those with substantial neurological defects or impairment, but some people take a while to learn to go into a trance for the first time. It is always surprising to the volunteers and the audience how easily they find themselves being hypnotised. On the night, most people who volunteer will be hypnotised provided they follow the hypnotist’s instructions.
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