Football Club Hypnotist Night

Sports Club Comedy with Hypnotist Gerard V

How to Hire a Hypnotist for Your Football Club Social Night

Gerard V is a hypnotist for hire and you can book him to entertain at any event.

How to Hire a Hypnotist for Your Football Netball Club Event

This is how you can easily go about hiring Gerard V for your club night.

The process only takes about 30 minutes though you'll usually need a couple of days to complete it as there's a few emails needed. The main thing is to check the calendar for when it will be a good time to have your event

It also pays to have a copy of your club calendar handy.


1 Choose a Date or a Range of Dates from your club draw

Get out your calendar and decide when you want to have your event. You might have a specific date in mind, or just a general indication (e.g "in May"). Gerard V can be booked well in advance, winter Saturdays especially - so if you have a few options for your event it it more likely that he will be available for it.

2 Estimate How Many Will Attend

Estimate (even guess) how many people will attend your event. For any hypnotist there is a big difference between an event for 100 people versus an event for 1000.

3 Tell Us The Location, City, or Venue

Decide where you're having your event. Your clubrooms are probably okay, or a local hall, or simply name a suburb - even a postcode helps us figure out how much time we'll need to travel.


Get a Proposal / Quote

4 Contact The Hypnotist

Contact the hypnotist with the details you have, and ask for a quote or proposal. Include a description of what your event is. It is a fundraiser perhaps, or an awards night.

5 Wait For Their Reply

They should reply promptly (within a day or so) with all the relevant details you need. If they do not reply within a few days then find another hypnotist to book.

6 Read The Proposal and Check The Price

Read the proposal and make up your mind. You might need to consult colleagues or a committee at this point.

7 Let Them Know If You'll Take Time To Respond

If you're going to take a while to consider your choice, it is polite to send the hypnotist a short email letting them know that you did receive their proposal and that you wil get back to them (include an estimate of when that will be).

Confirm Your Booking

8 Tell The Hypnotist What You Have Decided

When you have decied to proceed with your booking, contact the hypnotist to let them know.

9 Check That The Date Is Still Available

Confirm the exact venue you will use and check that the date you want is still available.

10 Get The Contact or Booking Agreement

The hypnotist should send you through a booking agreement or contract at this point.

11 Sign The Contract

Sign and return the contract. Gerard V doesn't usually charge a deposit for footy clubs.

Any Number

Whether you have 30 guests or 1000, and no matter what private venue you have (a hotel room, a lounge room, a night club or bar) I can put on a comedy hypnotism show that you’ll really love. Even outdoors!

All you need is people, chairs and a power outlet.


The show comes with a "no questions asked" 100% money back guarantee. (There are some conditions though).