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When 'The Usual' Won't Do

What is Corporate Entertainment Anyway?

You’ll not have to search for long before you find someone advertising themselves as a corporate entertainer or offering corporate entertainment.

But how is that different from any other entertainment. Is a corporate comedian somehow different from a regular comedian? What about a corporate hypnotist or juggler? What defines a corporate magician or mentalist?

There’s nothing to prevent an artist from billing themselves as a corporate anything, and some do who probably shouldn’t. To be a corporate entertainer implies that you also meet the following requirements:

  1. Clean and safe: The act is not offensive, and meets the consent, physical safety and cultural safety needs of business events.
  2. Uniquely Engaging: As distinct from a public ticketed show, the guests at corporate events are almost always there for some other reason, such as a conference or trade show. The entertainer has to be able to work with and engage an audience who might be wary of this inrusion into their schedule.
  3. Professional Standards Corporate events rightly expect a higher standard of behaviour from their acts, and a higher standard of performance.

There are also “behind the scenes” expectations that corporate customers have. These include having the appropriate insurances and compliance certifications, being able to create and correctly administer invoices with the correct tax and company registration information, to take and hold deposits and other administrational requirements.

In short - a good act that goes over well at a local club might not be at all suited for a corporate event. Professional corporate entertainers understand these differences and give their customers peace of mind that they have covered all the bases and that they do not create risks and hassles for thier clients.


Author: Gerard V Comedy Hypnotist, MC and Corporate Entertainer
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