Unique, Comedy Hypnotist Shows

for Corporate Events, Clubs, and Parties

Hilarious, quirky, comedy hypnotist stage shows that people will be talking about for years. Gerard V has been wowing audiences everywhere with his easy going fresh approach, awesome hypnotic skills and outrageous humour.

This is all 'round good fun. The show is utterly amazing and is regularly booked internationally. The gags are all clean, family friendly and safe for work functions.

Hilarious and very entertaining. Did not believe this was true until I saw Gerard V. Legend!

Renee Raduvolic - George Hotel - Ballarat

The show comes with a "no questions asked" 100% money back guarantee.

Volunteers only. No-one is picked on or selected from the crowd. So even the most timid person can feel safe in the audience.

Often Booked Out Months Ahead, Inquire Now About Your Preferred Date!

Thousands of happy customers including:


You'll laugh out loud and be totally amazed at Gerard's powers of suggestion. Suitable for all occasions and with no sleaze! Gerard V is an amazing party entertainer.

G-rated comedy shows and party event ideas!

Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V does amazing and hilarious comedy hypnotism stage shows for large and small functions. He involves people only as much as they want to be. Except that laughter is guaranteed and cannot be avoided. You’ll be entranced by his seemingly magical powers and spell-binding ability to mesmerise his volunteers.

"As an entertainer I want everybody to have a great time. That's important."

Don't miss out, Inquire Now About Your Preferred Date!

G-Rated Clean Comedy Shows

Hypnotist Gerard V in action at a corporate event

Why Book Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V For Your Event?

Gerard V will blow your mind. Not only does he do an amazing show that will be much better than anyone expects, he backs that up with top-notch service, and if the event requires it, he will provide professional sound and lighting equipment and a crew.

Whether you are planning a small private birthday party, or a major corporate conference entertainment spectacular for hundreds of delegates, Gerard V has the experience and skill to wow your audience with fantastic clean comedy.

Your friends, colleagues or customers will congratulate you for choosing Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V.

What Do You Get?

Gerard V will bring you a polished, relaxed and hilarious comedy hypnosis show. Family friendly material, and lots of laughs.

Depending of the size and format, he shows up on his own, or bring a support crew, PA system and professional theatre lighting.

All you need to do is provide the venue, the people and the chairs (and a stage too for a big event).

Gerard V can arrange the rest, and will make it easy for you to have a great time.

Slow motion western gunfigthers take a bullet and ham up their death scenes

Short  Notice

We get it. Sometimes it's hard to plan far in advance. Covid restrictions, travel probelms, and even other people cancelling can really throw a spanner in the works. We'll help if we can . . .

1. If we can get to your event in time we'll do your show even if you book at the last minute. No matter where it is.

2. You'll get the same high quality professional comedy, at no extra cost.


The Gerard V Comedy show has been adapted to comply with Covid-19 restrictions. Here's what you can expect from us.

1. We will conduct the show in accordance with the restrictions in place at the time, such as social distancing, masks etc. and the guidelines for "Covid Safe Events".

2. If new restrictions, travel limits or local outbreaks prevent the show from proceeding then you can cancel it without penalty even up to the last moment.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Comedic Hypnotism Show

  • How will you choose who to hypnotise? No one is selected in advance or hypnotised beforehand, Gerard V simply asks for volunteers to undergo hypnosis.
  • Will I be embarrassed? Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V works hard to avoid embarrassing anyone, and will keep it clean. You will not do anything you would not show your parents or your children.
  • Can anyone be hypnotised? Anyone can be hypnotised if they really want to be.
  • Does the show have a name? Yes it does. Most often it is 'The Gerard V Comedy Hypno Show', and sometimes, especially for bigger events, it is re-badged as ' Wonderstruck'.
  • Is Gerard V a Mentalist? Does he do Magic? Magic and mentalism are related - a mentaist does magic tricks as does a magician. The difference is that the mentalist makes it look like they read minds (but they are just tricks). Gerard V does neither of those; he does real hypnosis right there in front of your eyes.

Where is Gerard V based? Is he local?

  1. Where are you based? Gerard V is based in several locations: Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific including the USA. If you want an event near to any of those locations then there's not much travel cost if any. Otherwise Gerard V will work out the best deal for you from his closest base.
  2. What about country shows? Gerard V loves travelling and does shows in country towns throughout the country. Anywhere from Aberdeen NSW, to Colbinabbin in country Victoria, to Papakaio in the South Island of NZ or country towns in the USA or Belgium. These days travel is not very expensive and Gerard happily does long road trips and flights.
  3. Why don't you charge to travel to NZ? Because I have friends and family there and love to have an excuse to visit them.

Corporate Conferences, Keynotes, and Speaking Engagements

Gerard V is an entertaining speaker who can weave your theme through his comedy show to both entertain and inform your audience. He is a great alternative to a traditional motivational or after dinner speaker for your conference entertainment.

Football, Netball, Sports Clubs and Licensed Venues

Now is the time to book your sports club entertainment. A comedy hypnotist stage show is perfect for a club social night. There are only so many dates available and not so many home games. Gerard V can be booked well ahead so get in first before you miss out.

Last Minute Conference and Xmas Bookings

If you leave it to the last minute to book your entertainment you might miss out on getting the best. Venues, entertainers and everyone will be busy, so book early if you can! If you are looking for work entertainment ideas, give us a call. We will fit you in if we can.