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When 'The Usual' Won't Do

7 Reasons Your Fundraiser Tickets Aren’t Selling

You’ve got a great fundraiser. People are going to have an absolute blast. But they don’t seem to be buying your tickets.

Here are some of the reasons why that could be.

1. You’re Relying On Social Media

Social media is great. You can sit at home and post stuff online. Done right you can get lots of people to click on, or to like what you post online.

You can really get the idea that you’re going to have a sellout night.

But those people seldom go on to actually come to your event. The no-show rate for people who respond on social media varies from 50 - 100%, and is mostly at the 100% end for events people don’t already go to regularly.

If you’re staying at home posting online. They’re going to stay at home too.

Social media “likes” are fools gold.

2. You Haven’t Got the Opinion Leaders Onboard

Each community or club has a small number of people who have huge influence on what others do. If these people buy tickets, then lots more will join them. But if those opinion leaders say they’re “not sure they’ll come” then the rest of the community will sit back and wait. Get the opinion leaders on board.

3. You expect many people to do a little bit each

Many hands make light work. For my third show the plan was that if I just get these 17 team members to sell ten tickets each that’s 170 tickets right there, with all the other sales as a bonus. And that saves you from having to work so hard, right?

On the night 10 of them will hand back all ten tickets. (True story). Involving lots of people doesn’t help get things done unless they are really motivated.

The social freeloader effect kicks in when many people assume that they don’t need to do much because all the other people will cover for them.

If you have a big team you’ll need to work hard to motivate all of them.

4. You rely on empty promises.

Those people who said they’d come but didn’t pay yet? Maybe they said they’d pay on the night? They’re not coming. If they haven’t paid they’ll seldom turn up - you’ll hear all their excuses the next week.

5. You make it hard to buy tickets.

If people have to jump through hoops to buy tickets they’ll give up. Make it easy. Have the tickets available online and at a few places for cash. Have tickets with you to give people who pay right then. Accept cash, card, PayPal. Make it easy so they don’t have a reason to opt out again.

6. You’re not putting in the effort

It takes effort to sell those tickets. One of the biggest mistakes to make is thinking that a great act will somehow cause people to come to you for tickets. Even big name performers will have a half-empty theatre if it isn’t actively sold. Get out there and sell the tickets.

7. You’re scared to ask for money

When it comes to selling, people can be reluctant even to say the word, “sales”.

Your ticket isn’t sold until they have given you the money. So if you want them to support your event, ask for the ticket money then and there.

Author: Gerard V Comedy Hypnotist, MC and Corporate Entertainer
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