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When 'The Usual' Won't Do


The Rock and Roll Comedy Hypno Show

Wonderstruck, AKA the Gerard V Rock and Roll Comedy Hypno Show is an evening of amazing and hilarious comedy hypnotism with a rock'n'roll theme.

A top quality international performance which holds back nothing in terms of laughter and engagement, while remaining clean, inclusive and suitable for corporate and family events.

Pumping music, and "guest" appearances where the volunteers become the music all-star cast you always wanted to see.

Sometimes the show is called The Wonderstruck Corporate Comedy Show for when Gerard V wears a suit!

Wonderstruck, originally named in 2005 as "That Hypno Show" is aimed at making a night of outstanding fun and entertainment for the volunteers, the audience and everyone involved. With nostalgic music references, lights and gags.

This is pure fun, pure entertainment, and pure hypnotic magic.

Using only genuine volunteers from the audience, perhaps even your friends and colleagues, Gerard V will entrance, mesmerise and captivate them to become instant rock'n'roll stars, accomplished improv comedy actors, and more.

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Other Variations of The Show

Small Room Comedy Hypnosis

For smaller groups and very informal events there's Gerard V's "Small Room Comedy Hypnosis". Suitable for a couple of dozen, or even fewer guests, perhaps at a private house or small venue.

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The Comedy Hypnosis Footy Show

Tailored for regional and state football and netball clubs, this Comedy Hypnotist Night is adapted for clubrooms and local halls. Still based on the Gerard V Comedy Hypno Show and just as funny as ever, the show is aimed at clubs where people know each other, most people are mates, and everyone is out for a great night of laughter and memories.

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