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Terms and Conditions of Trade

The following terms and conditions apply to your events booking unless specifically waived in writing by both parties.


The agreement is between Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V (and/or his agent) referred to as the Entertainer and the Customer (that’s you).

Any audience members and people attending the show who are not employees or contractors of the Entertainer will be referred to as Guests and are considered to be guests of the Customer and are the responsibility of the Customer at all times.

The individuals who are either staff of or contractors to Gerard V are referred to as the Crew and this includes the Entertainer.

Your Booking

By confirming your booking you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

You are obliged to pay the cost of the show as agreed.

Gerard V is obliged to perform the show as agreed, once your booking has been confirmed by Gerard V after you have signed and returned this booking agreement.

Confirmation may be given by email or letter and is deemed to have taken place when both parties have indicated their assent.


You can cancel a show without penalty by giving 2 working day’s notice by email or by phone. However clause headed “Travel Costs” will still apply to address costs we may have already incurred.

If the cancellation is the direct result of a new Covid-19 related restriction on gathering or travel or if there is a local outbreak then the show can be cancelled at any time with no penalty.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, a 50% cancellation may be charged. In addition clause headed “Travel Costs” will still apply.

Force Majeure and Illness

If the show is prevented from succeeding or is cancelled as a result of a severe natural phenomenon such as (but not limited to) bad storms, earthquakes and similar events, or disruption to travel that reasonably prevents the entertainer or the guests from attending the show, for example (but not limited to) roads closure or flights cancelled, or in the event that Gerard V is ill or disabled, then no cancellation penalties will apply unless specifically noted in the signed booking agreement.


Payment in full is required before or on the day of the show.

Accepted Forms of Payment

You can pay in cash, or by direct bank deposit. If you really need to pay by credit card we can arrange that too. Cheques are not accepted though.

Meals and Drinks

If the event involves a meal, please make provision to provide meals for Gerard V and for his Crew.

Travel Costs

In the event that the quoted price for the show includes travel, accommodation or other costs to be reimbursed by the Customer, and should the cancellation of the show by the Customer occur at such a time or in such a way that actual costs have already been incurred by the Entertainer in whole or in part, then those actual expenses can be recovered from the Customer by the Entertainer if the show is cancelled by the Customer for any reason. An example of such a recoverable cost would be the lost deposit on an airfare.

For the avoidance of doubt, the recovery of expenses includes reasonable additional costs incurred after the time of cancellation in order to effect return travel, and includes overnight accommodation for the Crew if cancellation occurs after the Crew or any of its members have commenced travel and cannot return home within 3 hours of receiving the cancellation advice and arriving home on the same day that notice is given.

Insurance and Liability

The Show involves singing, dancing and moving about. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they and their guests are appropriately covered for accident or misadventure

During Hypnosis, volunteers remain aware of their surroundings and capabilities. We pride ourselves on our safety record. Nevertheless, individuals remain responsible for their actions at all times and are under the care of the Customer.

The Customer should advise the Entertainer in advance if any of the guests have conditions that may be affected by their participation in the show. The Entertainer will then advise on whether or not the guest(s) are able to participate and how they can be kept safe.

The Customer must advise the Entertainer of any Health and Safety matters pertaining to the Guests, the Customer or the location that may affect the conduct of the show and the safety of Guests or Crew.

The Entertainer accepts no responsibility for injury or damage that Guests or the Customer may cause during the course of the show or after it.

Intellectual Property Rights

Gerard V grants to the Customer non-exclusive rights in perpetuity to use any photos, audio or video materials of the show for non-commercial purposes.

The Customer grants to Gerard V non-exclusive rights in perpetuity to use any photos, audio or video materials of the show.

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