Office Christmas Break-Up Party

Fantastic Entertainment

Are you looking for something affordable and fun for your company event? Something to make your corporate christmas or holiday staff party hilarious and really memorable?

Imagine having a clean friendly hypnotist show at your work party or for your social club.


Wow, what a night. I haven’t laughed that hard for years.

Lance Snelgar - Vodafone

corporate staff parties and customer events

Bring in some pizzas and drinks or have a posh sit down dinner; your colleagues all gather and then it begins.

Fantastic show at our work Christmas party last night 5/12/2020. I’m a bit of a skeptic but after last night I’m not anymore ! Was so cool to watch his performance and what he got them to do was amazing and so funny. Would definitely hands down see another show if I had the chance. 100% recommend him!

Amy Leigh - Godolphin Osbourne Racing

corporate staff parties and customer events

Saturday’s party was the best ever!

Jonathan Hay -

Finish the year with a bang not a whimper!!

  • Big laughs
  • Good clean fun
  • Amazing spectacle
  • Music and laughter
  • Team bonding
  • Unique Christmas party games
  • Works with your party theme

Make your end-of-year staff event something to look forward to this year. Whether its an informal social club party in the canteen or a posh customer gala in the ball room, we will make you laugh!

This could be the best christmas event you’ve had.

Break the tradition just a little bit. Go on, it will be fun!

audience from a corporate staff event

We can present a tailored show to work in with your christmas party theme and other party games or other party ideas that you have planned.

Link to: more information on corporate Xmas parties.

Any Number

Whether you have 10 guests or 1000, and no matter what private venue you have (a hotel room, a lounge room, a night club or bar) I can put on a comedy hypnotism show that you’ll really love. Even outdoors!

All you need is people, chairs and a power outlet.


The show comes with a "no questions asked" 100% money back guarantee.