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When 'The Usual' Won't Do

Clean, Hilarious, and No Sleaze

I want everyone to have a great time - and for everyone to feel safe to volunteer to be on stage. So I make sure that the show is clean, safe and hilarious.

When I first contemplated doing these shows - my first recollection was of seeing another hypnotist embarrass and humiliate some of his volunteers. Sleazy gags can seem funny at the time - but who wants to feel cheap or used afterwards? So I decided that the best shows are those that anyone can come to and be a part of.

No Sleaze, G-rated, Clean, Comedy Shows

For private parties where everyone knows each other and can honestly tell me they are up for it I might go a little further than at a public event, but not often and not much - the show is utterly hilarious anyway.

If you steal the text from my website and use it as your own, that too would be sleazy. And if you cut and paste the text and accidentally include my original link back to this page, that would be a dead giveaway that it wasn't an accident. Looking at you: Garry.
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