Newlands College 1

Since the end of the show I have received a number of comments from people
“I haven't had so much fun or laughed so much in such a long time”
“I didn't know what to expect, the show was just fantastic”
“I will definitely be going to another one of Gerard's shows”
“I don't have a favourite part, it was all great”

A comment from my daughter Kimberley “We have to go to another show because I’m not nervous about volunteering and next time I want to be on stage”.

*Adele Standen - Organiser Newlands College Fundraiser *

Gerard V is unreal! Amazing night!!!

Gerard V

Gerard V is a comedy hypnotist entertainer based in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific including the USA and sometimes Europe . He does shows for companies, clubs and charities where he works live on stage with audience volunteers that he has never met before.   Gerard VTel: +61 468 419 994

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