Karaka Learning Centre - Temuka

Wow, what a treat. The third show for our small rural town. Our latest show would have to be the best one. Great turn out for this event and reviews have been amazing, as follows:

  • My cheeks are so sore from laughing!
  • Gerard’s gentleness and sensitivity with a shy volunteer shows a deep respect for participants.
  • “He didn’t embarrass anyone” people were free to be themselves
  • When is the next show, I don’t want to miss it?
  • I did not expect to have such a wonderful time and to laugh so much
  • I did not realise my partner could actually sing like that! Amazing
  • You don’t have to be on the stage to get hypnotised

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend this show and we look forward to many more hilarious shows in the future.

Fiona Frew - Karaka Learning Centre

Thanks so much for a fantastic night

I was laughing too hard

Thank you so much for an amazing evening and the most laughter I have had in so long

Holy s

Fourth show and it just keeps getting better and better!

The best night