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Online Sales Too

Offer tickets on Trademe and Ebay etc. of you can. Make sure the auction finishes early enough (or has a fixed price) so that people don’t hold off buying a ticket until after the auction, and miss out entirely.
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Print A Map

If the venue is not so easy to find – say a school hall on a campus – put up signs so that visitors can find it easily from any car park or bus stop. Consider printing a small map on your tickets if your venue is not easy to find.
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Put Up Posters Well In Advance

Put up posters at local stores and shopping precincts. Put up posters at least 4 weeks before hand. People need time to plan ahead and to get organised.
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Quality - Clean and Tidy Your Venue

Make sure the venue is clean and tidy. People will appreciate the effort and it will influence their decision to come back next time.
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Selling Tickets

Sales Phobias: When faced with the idea of selling tickets, some of your team will immediately think that the tickets would be easier to sell if they were cheaper. Perhaps this is true sometimes, but it is also true that discounting is the bane of all sales roles. If you have a good “product”, like That Hypno Show, and you genuinely believe that your donors/guests will have a good time and will receive excellent value for money, then you can ask for a fair price with confidence.
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Think Long Term

Each fundraiser you do not only raises money, it advertises how good your next one will be too. If you do a good job of the current event, then next will be easier or better because your donors will know that you set a good standard.
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Can Anybody Be Hypnotised?

The only people who cannot be hypnotised at all are those with substantial neurological defects or impairment, but some people take a while to learn to go into a trance for the first time. It is always surprising to the volunteers and the audience how easily they find themselves being hypnotised. On the night, most people who volunteer will be hypnotised provided they follow the hypnotist’s instructions.