image from Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism and Hypnotism

Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism and Hypnotism

Techniques that embody what we now call [hypnotism][1] have been around for centuries, appearing in various forms in spiritual and religious rites and alternative medical practice. While we look back at the activities of these practitioners and judge them as quacks, much of what they did was normal practice for their times, when the practice of medicine was also ad hoc, unscientific and steeped in mythology and strange beliefs. One of the strangest beliefs that came out of early hypnosis was the concept of animal magnetism.
image from Death By Powerpoint

Death By Powerpoint

It turns out that Powerpoint really can kill! More Here.
image from Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

I came across these terms for the first time in 2010. I’m sure they date back a long time, but basically they are the same thing as hens parties, stag nights, bucks parties etc. An excuse to go out and have fun with the the soon to be bride or groom and to indulge. I have even seen the term “bux night” used. Whatever you call it the idea is to have fun and be just a little bit irresponsible in anticipation of settling down after the wedding.
image from Can I Have A Hypnotist Show At My House?

Can I Have A Hypnotist Show At My House?

Yes, you can have a show in your lounge room. Sometimes it is the best option for smaller events. If you can squeeze everyone in, I can work with that and you’ll have a great time. I have done this now so often for private parties, hens nights, and stag dos that it is second nature. The room matters so much less than the people. A bunch of friends in the mood to party makes for a great show.
image from I’m Sleeping As Fast As I Can!

I’m Sleeping As Fast As I Can!

Do you ever do this? “Hurry up, and go to sleep”. Trying to get your sleep in as quickly as possible. Perhaps there’s not much time, a late night or early start. Lots to do. Hurry up and sleep! Of course it is crazy. Sleep means slowing down. The harder you try, the less sleep you get.
image from Sleep Performance Anxiety

Sleep Performance Anxiety

Some folk really have a problem with sleep. This is odd to me because sleep is natural and very easy to do. I happen to be very good at it. There are many reasons why people may have trouble sleeping, but apart from the more severe pathological ones, mostly they are simply going about it the wrong way. I’m not talking about the physical act of going to bed, and the sleeping environment, though those are important too, but rather, how wrong headed many people are about sleep itself.
image from Fundraising, How Much Does It Cost?

Fundraising, How Much Does It Cost?

I get this question a lot, obviously. And it makes sense to ask it. But I never get asked, ‘how much can we raise’? Which is surely a better question. I expect that most people are thinking along those lines and work it out for themselves. But there are some factors that are also worth considering. I don’t ask to be paid until after the event. You can cancel a week beforehand with no cost.
image from Cool Idea For Your Wedding Guests

Cool Idea For Your Wedding Guests

I thought this was a lovely idea, a humorous and ironic guide for your guests to the order of proceedings. You could do this seriously or with wit and irony. Either way I like it.
image from Sleeping Through Winter is Hibernation, Through Summer is ESTIVATION

Sleeping Through Winter is Hibernation, Through Summer is ESTIVATION

Here is a new word for you. Estivation. Sleeping away the summer, in a similar sense to the way some bears sleep through the winter. Also spelt as aestivation. From the latin aestas meaning summer. Why do animals some estivate? Or aestivate if you prefer? It is a means of riding out a drought or extreme heat, much as hibernation allows an animal to survive extreme cold and lack of prey.
image from Hens Party With a Theme

Hens Party With a Theme

Last weekend’s hens party had a 1920’s theme. The ladies there were all dressed for the period and because everyone made an effort the result was amazing. In some ways I think people overlook the sheer pleasure in dressing up for an event. When you put in the effort, the results are always fun. We do smaller events such as these for a really good price to make them affordable.