image from Why Does Stage Hypnosis Work?

Why Does Stage Hypnosis Work?

How do those shows work? A hypnotist gets a whole bunch of people on stage, and before you know it they’re doing silly things at the suggestion of the hypnotist. What is going on and how does that happen? Why does stage hypnosis work? Summary (or TL;DR) The hypnotist will find within any group those who are most readily hypnotisable on that occasion. Depending on her skill the hypnotist might require a large group to start with to improve their chances.
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Do Hypnotist Shows Work?

Are they fake? Do stage hypnotists really hypnotise people from the crowd? Is it set up? I’m often asked these questions. When you see 16 people on stage all being silly under the “control” of the hypnotist - what is going on? Either: They’re paid actors, They’re just faking it for the fun of it (unpaid), or They’re really hypnotised. Let look at these possibilities. If they’re paid actors, how much do they need to be paid?
image from Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)

Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)

My first contact with PNG was an email from Desmond Tore Aisi inviting me to perform there. Initially I was fearful of going to PNG. I had heard stories of danger and violence, and everyone I spoke to in Australia reinforced that. However my friend and agent Steve Edwards had been there previously so I figured with him as my guide I would take the booking. With one thing and another going astray, I got my entertainer’s visa only at the last minute (literally the last hour), and Steve, who was to crew my show didn’t get his visa until a day after he was due to fly.
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5 Things That Stop You Sleeping Well

This wee article from the BBC has a nice summary of some of the things that can stop you from having a good night’s sleep. BBC Article Link
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Can Hypnosis Cure Warts?

This seems to be a silly idea and yet there is experiemental evidence that suggest that hypnosis can affect warts. A wart is a small benign tumour caused by the human papilloma virus. At first glance it does not seem like a good candidate for mental control. A range of experiments have tested the use of hypnosis and suggestion to cure warts with some success. Do I beleive it? I am uncertain.
image from Crazy Hilarious Way To Reduce Food Cravings

Crazy Hilarious Way To Reduce Food Cravings

Seriously - this can work wonders although it seems whacky and counter-intuitive. Basically if you look at lots and lots of pictures of food when you’re hungry, it will put you off the food after a while, and will reduce your cravings. In essence, you’re tricking your mind into thinking you’ve over-indulged without eating anything at all. Some people call this the “Instagram Diet”.
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Afternoon Events At Your Home

Lots of hypnotists won’t do these but I will. Small shows for small groups at your home. Whether you are having a group of friends over for a special occasion or simply to hang out, you can have some extra hypnotic fun. To be fair I don’t want to block out a premium weekend night for a small show because obviously the bigger shows are my main “thing” where I earn a living.
image from The Pyjama Party Sleepover Hypnotist Show Idea

The Pyjama Party Sleepover Hypnotist Show Idea

I have always wanted someone to have a pyjama party sleepover event for grown-ups with a fancy dress and hypnotist party show theme. This would be huge fun. Imagine your mates all in various frumpy (or not) pyjamas and nightgowns. Have the show with a bunch of bean bags and pillows instead of chairs. Call me - I’ll be there!
image from A Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

A Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

I really likes this simple diagram from The Huffington Post on what to do (and what to stop doing) as you wind down at the end of the day, in order to have a better sleep. Image: Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post
image from Bucks Party for 15 Guys

Bucks Party for 15 Guys

I did a bucks party for a bunch of guys in Caulfield recently. They were the usual bunch of guys all in their late twenties with a handful of older relatives. You’d probably think this would be a show laced with alcohol and ‘adult themes’ but no. We had a good and fairly clean time of it. We kicked off early (around 4:30pm) as a preliminary themed event (the groom was a psychologist) before they went on to their night of alcoholic excess.