Privacy Policy

This policy has been updated on 24 May and on 07 October 2018 to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) recently enacted in Europe. Though it it a bit odd because I am mostly not in Europe.

Yes, you can browse this site anonymously. We only collect data when you fill out a form. If you don’t tell us who you are, we won’t know. However Google might know. They do follow you around like lost puppies. But evil puppies that sell your data to advertisers. More on that below.

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy is intended to give you confidence in the privacy and security of the personal information you might choose to give us when you inquire about a show. What you tell other services like google and facebook, that is between you, and them, and the creepy people they sell that to.

When you inquire about a booking or make one you will be asked for personally identifiable information such as your name, address, email address, telephone number. We need this information to be able to communicate with you about your booking, that is what we use it for.

By giving us such information, you consent to our using it in the manner described in this policy.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us at We will destroy your personal information within seven days of receipt of your withdrawal of consent.

Website pages that were visited and your IP address may also be recorded by third parties from your browser as set out in this policy. We use google analytics to see what web pages get visited and which ones get more attention. We don’t collect any information that identifies you personnaly.

We use personal information to allow us to process your inquiries and bookings, and to send out newsletters if we ever do that. If you do not wish to receive our rather infrequent newsletters, please e-mail or, alternatively, when we send you a newsletter, it will contain a provision for you to opt out of receiving further newsletters (unsubscribe).

Other than newsletters you’ll be corresponding with an individual (Gerard V or his agent) on an individual basis. That communication is treated as confidential and is only used by Gerard V and his team to facilitate your booking, to answer your questions, and to do your show. And perhaps we will email you after a show to follow up or ask about a future booking. You always have the right to ask to be deleted.

If you provide a testimonial to us after an event, we may post the text online, along with your name and organisation. If you don’t want to be identified please let us know when you provide the testimonial.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless you have consented to such disclosure or where we are required to do so by law.

Cookies are small data files that a website you visit may save on your computer or handheld device that usually includes an anonymous unique identifier. We don’t use cookies ourselves Google does and we use their services so there will be a google cookie associated with this website.

The other time there'll be a google cookie is when we are testing a new version of a web page. Google uses the cookie to make sure that the page you see is the same one when you refresh it - even though there might be two versions. After a while we delete the poorer performing page and keep the better page. This is a service called Google Optimize.

All security on our Websites is treated seriously. Where applicable, we undertake security steps, including use of SSL technology, on our back-end systems that store customer account information and to protect data transmissions. However, this is not a guarantee that such data transmissions cannot be accessed, altered or deleted due to firewall or other security software failures.

If you have any further concerns about security, please email our Customer Service team at

This website incorporates a "FaceBook Pixel" which allows Facebook to see if you click through to this site from an advert on FaceBook. We do this so that we can see what people are responding to and how best to promote the show. Advertising is a common way for businesses to promote themselves. This tool allows us to assess wich ads are actually working.

Changes in this policy will be posted on our website. You are advised to check our websites to view our most recent privacy policy. Which I agree is a bit of an ask. But if we had to email you every time a change got made you’d soon be annoyed with us.

If you want us to delete your data for any reason at all just send a request to: and we will delete the data we have (which isn't much). However we cannot delete financial records associated with a show because that is needed for tax compliance purposes. So what we will delete is your name and address details etc.. And unless you insist otherwise - we keep a list of "unsubscribed" emails (nothing else) to make sure those are never accidentally re-added by mistake.