How to Hire A Hypnotist

Booking Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V is super easy.

Gerard V is a hypnotist for hire and you can book him to entertain at any event.

Step 1 – Ask About Pricing and Availability

Send Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V an email or message mentioning:
1. What kind of event you are planning
2. When you are planning on having it.
3. Where you intend to have it (city and or actual venue addrress)
4. How many people you expect.
5. Include your contact phone number(s)

Step 2 – You will receive a price quote within 24 hours

Gerard V is quick to reply and will usually send you an email or telephone you within a day of your inquiry.

Step 3 – Check The Quote, Ask Questions

Look over the quoted price and other details Gerard V that Gerard V has sent to you for your comedy hypnotist show. If you have questions Gerard V is always happy to oblige so telephone or email those to him.

Step 4 – Confirm Your Booking

Phone, message or email Gerard V that you want to proceed to hire him to perform at your event.

Step 5 – The Booking Form

Gerard V will send you a booking agreement, check the details, add the extra info requested if there is any, and then sign it and scan email it back to him. That is all it takes.

Gerard V will email you to confirm your booking when he has received your booking form, and will make contact closer to the event to confirm any last minute details.