Fund Raising Shows!

Hypnotised woman hand on face. Fund raising shows

Fundraisers are a special breed of show. Since the objective is to raise funds, and for a worthy cause, we make ourselves available at the lowest cost that covers our actual outgoings. So the show is inexpensive, but there are some special conditions.

You Keep All The Profits

We charge a flat fee so that once you have covered your costs you keep all the profits. This makes it easy for you to plan, and gives you a huge benefit from increasing your ticket sales.


Posters and Promotion

Gerard V can provide posters and will provide ticket artwork. We can also provide you with graphics to print your own. However a few posters and a newsletter will not be enough to sell out your fund raiser show – you will need to put in some genuine effort, probably with a team of people to get out into your community to sell tickets. Promotion can be a lot of work, it is usually very rewarding. If your cause is worth fund raising for – it is worth putting in the effort to promote it.

Gerard V uses only genuine audience volunteers, no-one is picked on

The Volunteers Are Stars

We use only volunteers from the audience. We ask for volunteers, and when you come up on stage we treat you like the star you are. Deep down inside every one there is a natural performer. You’ll be amazed at what people will do on stage. Unlike some entertainers, we do not select people from the crowd without their prior agreement.


Hilarious But Not Embarrassing

Gerard V wants you to come back to every show, and to volunteer again and again. He selects gags that are funny, like theatre sports and “Whose Line is It Anyway?”, but not embarrassing. The volunteers will have the best time of everyone. After the show volunteers will all be proud of their onstage antics.

Not at all scary

Lights Action and Camera

That Hypno Show features a high quality PA system, stage lighting and a whole technical setup complete with professional sound engineer. Gerard V is not “just some guy with a mic”. No, he is a guy with lots of gear, and a very fancy mic (sometimes he even wears a suit). And a team. Don’t forget the team.

Sometimes the team features not just Simon Murcott doing sound and lights, but also another crew member, who will work a video camera so that we can make souvenir DVDs for the volunteers.