Hilarious Hypnotist Party Entertainment

Staff Parties, Work Functions, and Holiday or Christmas Events Too.

Are you looking for a unique, classy and hilarious idea for your party or work celebration? Gerard V is brilliantly funny, very affordable, and easy to work with. (See also Parties )

This is one of the best adult party fun ideas around, Gerard V is one of the best party entertainers in Australia, and one of the top comedy hypnotists in the Pacific. Happy customers include:

Whether you have 20 people or 2000 a comedy hypnotist show is a great idea for your corporate event, convention or staff party. From an informal show at work in the staff canteen, or a full conference production with lights sound, we will bring hilarity and laughter right to your office or conference venue.

“Wow, what a night. I haven’t laughed that hard for years.”
Lance Snelgar - Vodafone

People want to be entertained, and to have a really good time. Gerard V’s g-rated comedy hypnotist show is an absolute crowd pleaser. This is the best corporate entertainment idea you will ever have.

Clean and never embarrassing, Gerard V is careful to create a show that suits your staff, customers and their partners. Gerard V is a brilliant hypnotist, hilarious, charming and original. The show is very flexible, and Gerard tailors the gags and the humour to suit your audience and the occasion.

“The staging, sound and lighting were fantastic and Gerard’s edgy, yet good clean fun approach to comedy, had the audience in hysterics throughout.”
Olivia Thompson - Deloitte

Hilarious - And Volunteers Only

We use only volunteers from the audience. Gerard V wants you to come back to every show, and to volunteer again and again. He uses gags that are funny, like “Whose Line is It Anyway?”, but not embarrassing or sleazy. The volunteers will have the best time of all. Unlike a mentalist or magician there are no tricks or illusions here, Gerard V works with real people and what you see is completely genuine. We do not select anyone in advance.

“Saturday’s party was the best ever!”
Jonathan Hay - Hudson