Things to Watch

Excerpts from shows, and other great stuff.

Brazilian Butterfly Conference 2018 - Melbourne

"Had the whole room in hysterics. Was the perfect entertainment for our work conference event. Was a hilarious way to wrap up our day and get everyone in a good mood. Nothing confronting or rude, just a lot of light-hearted fun, we couldn't believe what we were seeing!"

Maya Mathews - Brazilian Butterfly

"I actually thought I was going to die from laughing!"

Shepparton TV Advert

They ran this TV advert for the Shepparton Business Awards where I was the featured entertainment, and it was at the aptly named "GV Hotel".

Talbot FNC Super Model Gag

This is partway through a sequence that starts with a western gunfight. . . . to see the whole thing you might need to come to a show :-)

A Nursery Rhyme Surprise

This segment is from Whangamata in 2013. Just doing the nursery rhyme gag, but this lady totally stole the show. Starts great but see what happens around 2:20!

Short Promo Video

Two minutes of clips and footage of Gerard V and some gags from various shows, to give you a feeling for how we roll!

High Speed Show Set Up, Lights! Action!

We did this as a stop motion using Simon's Nikon camera while we set up for a gig at Havelock North High School. It is 4 hours of snaps condensed to under 2 minutes. I think it is cute, and it shows you the lengths we go to to set up for a big show!

Short video with some gags and info.

Short video with excerpts from some shows. . . 

Hypno Idol

A segment from Gerard V's Hypno Idol gag. I guess other hypnotists do something similar. American Idol lends itself to parody, but everything here we made up ourselves.

Frank (and Sid) Sinatra

Classic Schoolteacher Gag with a Twist

Audience Participation - Pink Panther Gag


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Excerpts from shows, and other great stuff.