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Testimonials and Reviews Page 19

Testimonials from Corporations, Conferences, Venues, Sports Organisations and Clubs from around the world - Australia, New Zealand, USA (Gerard V goes everywhere that he can).

Placemakers One Base Fishing Contest

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful show, as you are aware we had over 500 Fishermen at the PlaceMakers One Base contest, this has been running for over 6 years now and the comments I received back on your performance were excellent. I personally had not seen a show involving a Hypnotist, but clearly you were very professional, and captivated the audience.

Just brilliant!!

John McGill - Joint Venture Partner, Placemakers, Thames

St Patrick's College Wellington

We have had nothing but amazing feedback since Gerard V performed at Saint Patrick’s College. The show was extremely professional, thoroughly enjoyable and the audience left wanting more!

Janet Lowe - Organiser

Dulux New Zealand

We recently engaged Gerard V to run his show for us at our National Sales Conference held on Thursday 6th November 2008.

The show was arranged to start after dinner, at about 8.00pm. As often happens, these events do not always run on time, but Gerard was most accommodating, and happy to wait until everyone was settled in before he started.

Not many of the conference attendees had ever seen a hypnotist before, and were quite excited and surprised that this had been arranged.

He made everyone feel at ease, and fully explained the procedure so there were no surprises, bad ones that is! Gerard did not disappoint! The show was very entertaining, he had no shortage of volunteers (which surprised me).

I can thoroughly recommend Gerard’s show to anyone who is looking for a professional, fun and entertaining show for their next event!

Janet Beams - PA to General Manager

New World Metro

Thank you for a truly funny show. We all thought it was chock full of comedic highlights, and the way that you instinctively put the staff at ease was great. It was a night of wonderful hilarity that the staff still shake their heads over. We think they are gobsmacked with some of the silly but harmless antics they surprisingly took part in. We know how thoroughly enjoyable they found the whole night to be.
We are so pleased that it all went very well and we will be sure to vociferously recommend your show to our friends.!

Richard Taggart - Foodstuffs NZ

Wanstead Polo Club

An excellent night, very professional and well organised. Great people to deal with and very accommodating. A highly recommended show for anyone who is looking for some great entertainment and a lot of laughs!

Lisa McDonald - Secretary, Wanstead Polo Club

Newlands College 1

Since the end of the show I have received a number of comments from people
“I haven’t had so much fun or laughed so much in such a long time”
“I didn’t know what to expect, the show was just fantastic”
“I will definitely be going to another one of Gerard’s shows”
“I don’t have a favourite part, it was all great”

A comment from my daughter Kimberley “We have to go to another show because I’m not nervous about volunteering and next time I want to be on stage”.

Adele Standen - Organiser Newlands College Fundraiser

Newlands College 2

I just wanted to say again, thank you very much for such a wonderful show. Your show was professional, entertaining and it has left many people wondering and asking ‘How does he do it?’.

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest audience member had a great time. You are the talk of many northern suburb’s homes as I type this email to you and I am sure the everyone will be talking about you for many more weeks to come. I’m not sure how the teachers will feel about your show being the topic of every class tomorrow, my only answer to that is that they should have brought a ticket and come to the show.

Adele Standen - Organiser Newlands College Fundraiser

Pronto Print Again

Thanks Gerard and team for another AWESOME night, even better than the previous show, absolutely hilarious! Everyone is still talking about what a great night they had, and we are already planning our 3rd bigger & better show for next year!

Jenny Steeneken - Pronto Print Solutions

Infinity Bar

“I really enjoyed the show. [It was] very slick, very professional and very impressive.”

Justin Parker - Telecom Project Manager

Hamilton Show 14 Dec 2007

Thank you for coming to Hamilton and the fantastic show it is still being talked about as a great night. Those that didn’t come wish they could have. As one of the people hypnotized if felt totally calm and refreshed from the experience. I don’t regret volunteering, and am not embrassed about anything I did (which is unusual). Thanks again for the great night.

Colleen Dobson (guest at IRD show)