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A Blog About Sleep and Sleeping, Naps, Napping and Good Health

Overthinking Sleep

This article captures some of my thoughts about many people who claim not to sleep well. Sometimes we don't sleep well, but overthinking the effects of poor sleep can make those effects very much worse than they would otherwise be. Stop Overthinking Sleep

Why Do We Sleep?

A lovely video article on why we sleep and what we don't know about it. Easy to watch. Here Mentalfloss

I Haven't Slept For 10 Days

I haven't slept

5 Things That Stop You Sleeping Well

This wee article from the BBC has a nice summary of some of the things that can stop you from having a good night's sleep.

BBC Article Link

BBC Article

Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

I really likes this simple diagram from The Huffington Post on what to do (and what to stop doing) as you wind down at the end of the day, in order to have a better sleep.

Huffington Post Bedtime

Image: Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post

Why Does Sleeping In Just Make Me More Tired?

We can all relate to this, we sleep in some extra, perhaps because we have had a hard night or super-busy week. We sleep extra and wake up groggy and seemingly more tired. What is going on? Is this good? Is this safe?

While for most of us, doing this every once in a while is okay, if it happens too often or we do it too much it could be a sign that something else is wrong, moreover, it could lead to health issues later too.

 Why Does Sleeping Make Me Groggy and Tired

As a “pre-diabetic”, knowing that oversleeping can increase my chances of becoming fully diabetic is useful. It gets me out of bed.

More information in this Wired article Why Does Sleeping In Just Make Me More Tired?


Turn Down The Lights

By making the room gloomier and avoiding bright light before you go to bed you’re likely to sleep sooner and better. Most bathrooms are lit like an operating theatre. Create a dim option for when you’re brushing your teeth and preparing for bed. If the last thing you do before bed is to enter a brightly lit white room, you’re delaying sleep, and telling your body it is time to wake up instead.

You Clean Your Closet Sometimes, What About Your Brain?

Through a series of experiments on mice, the researchers showed that during sleep, cerebral spinal fluid is pumped around the brain, and flushes out waste products like a biological dishwasher.

The process helps to remove the molecular detritus that brain cells churn out as part of their natural activity, along with toxic proteins that can lead to dementia when they build up in the brain, the researchers say.

Original Article.

Sleep Performance Anxiety

I’m Sleeping As Fast As I Can!

Daylight Savings - An Opportunity To Improve Your Sleep.

Sleep, Or Do Not Sleep. There Is No Try

So What About An Hour Less Sleep Then?

Women and Sleep

Men Sleep Better Beside Their Partner, Women Sleep Worse.

Those Articles on How Long To Sleep Are BS [Infographic]

Stay At A Hotel Then Buy A New Matteress

You Want Better Sleep For What?

The Town of Bad Kissingen Making Sleep A Priority

You Will Sleep Better If You Do These Things . . .

Older People Sleep Better If They Have A Partner

Marriage, Partnership and Sleep - Good for Men, But . . .

Why We Need Darkness To Sleep

Are you comfortable?

Another Good Reason to Ditch That Alarm Clock

Sleep and Key Words - Transformative Linguistics

How Long To Nap For?


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