Frequently Asked Questions About the Show

Frequently asked questions about the shows.

How Many People Do We Need For A Good Show?

It depends on the group. Gerard V's Comedy Hypnotist Show is usually aimed at groups of over 50 people, and the more people who volunteer to come up on stage, the better the show will be. But for smaller events Gerard also does a Small Group Show for groups of 20 - 40.

We have done functions for as few as 9 people.

The main thing for the full-on show is to get volunteers at the start of the show, so more people is always better. For a close group (people who know each other and get on well) we will do shows for a handful or two.

For a public show where people come from all over and don't know each other at all, such as with a pub gig or fund raiser, typically it is better to have over 80 people.

When there are more than about 200 people we can do some flashier gags too, as we will have many more people on stage to work with.

Would You Do An Outdoor Show?

We have done outdoor shows, in daylight and evenings. We still need power and shelter so as not to ruin a bunch of expensive equipment if it rains. If the show will run past dusk then lighting is essential and it pays to take into account that outdoor sound needs more powerful equipment than indoor functions do.

Won't I Be Self-Conscious If I Come Up On Stage?

No… You will be unconscious. You will also have a great deal of fun!

Will I Be Embarassed?

We carefully select our material to avoid being rude or disrespectful to the participants. Since it is the participants who actually make the show, they deserve only respect and encouragement. None of our material is demeaning, nor would we ask anyone to do anything we would not do on stage ourselves or which would be unsuitable for prime time family viewing.


Why Only Volunteers?

You shouldn't need to ask. But in short - I want everyone to feel respected.

Why Don't You Sell Non-Smoking Hypnosis CDs At Your Show?

Hypnosis is a good way to help with smoking cessation. But for it to work, the hypnotist needs to deal with the practical and unique issues each client has. Smoking is complex because it has chemical addiction, social conditioning and individual habits all combined. If playing a CD (even a very good one) would reliably “cure” smoking, then wouldn't it be more widely successful and recommended? I won't say that recorded hypnotic CDs never work, but in the case of smoking, they work too seldom for there to be any integrity in taking your money for them.

Why Do You Have All That Equipment?

We travel with 300 - 400kgs of equipment for our show. We do this because we pride ourselves on presenting a professional stage show. Creating the right atmosphere with sound, music and lighting adds greatly to the effect of the show and the enjoyment of the audience. It is also more fun for us and less like work. We want everyone to have a great time. Good music and a good sound system is vital, and lighting creates the necessary mood.

It would also be fair to say that Gerard V likes having nice toys, so we are always trying out new gear.

High tech

However when flying in to your town, as we often must, we rely on you or the venue for sound and lighting. Its just too expensive and difficult to fly all the gear for a show every time.

Who Is The Hypnotist?

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Who Are The Team?

What Kind Of Venue Works Best?

What About Having A Surprise Show?


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