Fun and Unique Ideas For Entertaining People

Interesting, fun, or unique entertainment ideas for your events.

Football Season and Saturday Shows

It is footy season and everyone wants a show on a winter Saturday night. This is usually because they are playing that day and so there’ll be lots of people at the club, people who are keen to party.

Friday might not be so popular because they don’t want the players drinking before next day’s game.

I could have booked three or four shows on most mid football season Saturdays.

If however you want a Friday event or better yet, Thursday or Wednesday. Or even a Sunday show, evening or matinee. I’ll be very pleased to hear from you. I’ll offer a good deal too. It is a win win for me and you if we can use up non-premium time-slots.

So think about it . . . .
Footy Season Show dates

Would Your Event Planner Suggest a Hypnotist at Your Wedding Reception?

Weddings take many different forms. Many people are looking for something different from the “traditional format”, and new forms of entertainment and fun are creeping in to otherwise formal affairs.

Would your event planner suggest a hypnotist to entertain your guests between the ceremony and the reception, or at the reception? This period of time might be busy for the wedding party, but often the guests have little to do.

Shows can be made simple, fun, family friendly and hilarious. This event will get the parents and kids involved. And break the ice for everyone.

A hypnotist at your wedding reception perhaps?

NZ Defence Forces Show, Devonport.

Last night we were back at NZDF with a show for military divers from all around the world. They were here for a conference / training event and we were happy to entertain them. We all had a fantastic time, and the staff at the Ngataringa Sports Complex were fantastic, even helping bump out the gear to the van.

We have entertained military folk from the Army and Navy but not (yet) from the air force (hint!) and we always do an amazing show.

O Brother Where Art Thou Party and Dance

Yeah it may seem a bit hokey, but that is the fun. Dress like an escaped prisoner or a country hick. Dance and holler to old timey music and have a great time. There might even be line dancing though that is up to you.

Little Rabbit Band plays authentic old timey music, a few originals, and you’ll be certain to enjoy all of it.

Cheerleading During Awards?

Awards nights need not be a boring parade of medals and speeches. You can spice them up with a bit of cheerleading.

Obviously you could go with the traditional all girl cheerleading group.

But you could also make up teams of your own colleagues and assign them to cheer for a given nominee.

Add to the fun with costumes and prizes for the best cheers and outfits.

A Smaller More Intimate Show

This morning I did a show for 20 people, a small private gathering. M's 30th birthday party. In a lounge room.

The crowd was lovely, the volunteers fantastic, and the whole event was joy. Having focused so long on bigger events, I had forgotten how much fun a small show can be. Yes I do love doing shows for large crowds, with sound, light, stage etc. the whole nine yards. But this cosy kind of show, I love that too.

It is the people that make the difference.


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