You're Paying Too Much for Corporate Entertainment


##You’re Paying 20% - 100% to a Website for No Reason

If you book through an online artist directory you might pay 20% to 100% more than if you just googled your entertainer and contacted them directly. Both you and the artist lose out.

You're paying too much to an agent for corporate entertainment.

After days of conference sessions and PowerPoint you want a relaxed, fun dinner, good entertainment and so you search online for something that looks like fun.

The top few websites are often entertainment directories. They’re bigger than individual acts and spend freely to top the google search rankings. They tell you they have everything you are looking for. But you will pay a higher cost.

They will add 25 - 100% of commissions and fees to what you would pay the artist.

They usually won’t tell you or the artist how much they have added on (we all know that lack of transparency is usually a bad sign).

Here’s an example from one agency:

You're paying too much to an agent for corporate entertainment.

Most customers don’t know that the online directory often does nothing but send an email and add on a markup.

True event management companies are different. You deal with them in person and they help you with many aspects of your event. They are usually great to work with as either customer or entertainer. They are also a dying breed, and can be hard to find.

But if you’re simply scanning an online directory, do your self a favour. Google your act directly and save both money and hassles.