The Awesome “Guess Your Weight” Game

I met a woman who said that she was carrying more weight than she wished to. I suggested that she pay attention to calories. She responded that she had no wish to do that. She then went on about “healthy food” and her choice of exercise.

I don’t get it. Is she crazy?

If a person has trouble financially, and said that they would not keep track of their income and expenses, that would be crazy. If they went on to talk about the quality of the clothes they bought or their plans for a promotion you’d still think they were missing a basic point about personal finance. It is all about income and expenses.

That applies to weight too. Fat is like savings. If your calorie income is greater than your calorie expenses, then your savings account (that’s your body fat) will keep increasing.

Budget Food
Income What you Eat
Expenses What you Use-up
Bank balance What You Weigh

You measure money in dollars and food in calories (or weightwatcher points or suchlike).

There are many people who want to sell you their ideas, and who will tell you what they think you want to hear. It is unfashionable to count calories. Counting sounds like effort and work doesn't sell.

Underneath every successful weight loss plan, diet or lifestyle suggestion is a simple formula of calories taken in versus calories consumed.

You can be calorie conscious or calorie clueless. And if you are unhappy with your weight, staying clueless will guarantee that you remain unhappy.

If you are keen to improve your body composition, could you spend just one week keeping track of everything you consume and then look up the calories on the web (or on the packet)? Keep track of how much exercise you do as well. When I did this I was shocked to find out where I was getting calories that I neither needed nor suspected were there.

Doing this will make you more informed. Better information will allow you to make better choices. Whatever you decide.

Just don't decide to be clueless. That's just another word for stupid. Guessing your weight is a stupid game.

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Gerard V

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