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What is the difference between a "hypnotist", a "stage hypnotist", a "comedy hypnotist" and a "hypnotherapist"?

What is the difference between a “hypnotist”, a “stage hypnotist”, a “comedy hypnotist” and a “hypnotherapist”?

Let’s start with the easy bit.

A hypnotist is one who performs “hypnosis”.

All of these other terms are variations on kinds of hypnotist, and all of them can and do hypnotise people under different circumstances. The varying circumstances give rise to the different “types” of hypnotist.

A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to help people with health and performance issues such as dealing with anxiety, changing behaviours or being better at golf. For the most part, there is little overlap between hypnotherapy and doing a stage performance of any kind, though as usual there are some exceptions and edge cases.

A stage hypnotist does hypnosis as a stage show. A “stage hypnosis” show is usually done for amusement and to create laughter. But it need not be, and some shows are performed as demonstrations of particular hypnotic phenomena.

Comedy hypnotist is the term to describe a “stage hypnotist” who always emphasises the comedic aspects. Many stage hypnotists describe themselves as comedy hypnotists because their show is funny, even though their presentation and demeanor is not funny.

To distinguish themselves further, those performers who are both comically funny in how they perform and who delivery a comedy hypnosis show sometimes refer to themselves as comedian hypnotists. But these distintions do not matter much to the general public.

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