Peter Powers Mesmerized

Yahoo and a Channel 7 TV’s ambitious TV series lasted exactly one episode and was canceled.

The idea was to have hypnotist Peter Powers front a show where he got people under hypnosis to do outrageous and (in my view) tacky or rude actions for the amusement of others.

This is the “cheap shot” that TV loves - and while those TV producers might have thought it clever, clearly the audiences have had enough of poor taste shows and the humiliation of others. Mr Powers describes himself as “the top television stage hypnotist”.

There is a reason why my shows are clean and g-rated. Its not simply to be nice, but it reflects that in the end - most people do not enjoy seeing other ordinary people being used or embarrassed.

You, the audience, deserve better than that

If you want clean entertainment - hilarious and respectful I’d love to hear from you.

Gerard V

Gerard V was fantastic. In three words - Entertaining, funny, mind blowing. Gerard