More Truthiness: Taking Skepticism Too Far?

More on truthiness. There's this from which points out that some of us can disbelieve anything that doesn't resonate with our “beliefs” even when we are plainly wrong, as happened with Obama's birth certificate.

Until very recently, if every professional news organization in the nation examined a charge [e.g. birtherism] and found it baseless, it was — for all intents and purposes — dropped,’ writes Rutten. ‘Today, the growth of the Internet has drained the noun “news” of its former authority. If you don't like the facts presented on the sites of established news organizations, you simply keep clicking until you find one whose “facts” accord with your beliefs.”

I admit I doubt news agencies and most reporting, but if you have to rely on to validate your opinion you have probably entered the looney fringe.

But it is not only the internet that has drained the noun “news” of any authority, it is the mindless infotainment that news organisations have now substituted for careful fact-checked analysis and actual journalism.

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Gerard V

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