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Limits Only Exist in Your Mind

Limits Only Exist in Your Mind. And in Reality. They also exist there

Why Have Corporate Entertainment - Making It Memorable?

So you’ve got a conference or meeting coming up, and you’re planning a dinner for afterwards.

What will happen after that dinner? Will your guests stay and mingle? Will they get bored and go home?

Afterwards, how will they describe your event? Will it have been memorable? Or just another meeting and corporate dinner?

Here’s the real question. Can you remember any corporate dinner you went to over a year ago? If you can remember any at all, why was it memorable? No one remembers the food or the wine.

Entertainment can make an event stand out in people’s minds for years to come.

If you want your event to be a bit special, there’s no great secret, you simply need to make it special.

The right choice of Entertainment will do that.

Book entertainmennt, it is worth it.

Do yourself a favour and book some entertainment. Make it fun. Make it special. Make it memorable.

For Things to Change

For things to change first I must change. That's not true.

Why Have Corporate Entertainment?

It Helps With Employee Retention

Recruitment, training and staff retention are all key performance areas for any company.

It is far better to keep staff than to hire new staff and train them.

But what can you do to keep the good staff you have?

You'll find thousands of articles online on this topic. Because it is critical to so many business and can be a headache for many as well. Here's one from Forbes Magazine

I've lived the corporate life for decades, and was a senior IT manager before quitting to become a full-time entertainer.

There's one thing I noticed then and I still notice now that companies often don't do but which can make a real difference.

And that is to show their appreciation. To show it often and in genuine small ways.

Don't make liars of yourselves.

Many companies will "say" they value their staff, but even when profitable they will balk at spending a few hundred dollars on a staff party, or offering decent food and drink at their end-of-year function. In doing so they make liars of themselves.

Compared to the cost of hiring a person, the cost of giving someone a decent meal and some entertainment to say thank you is nothing. If people aren't having fun with work - they're open to working somewhere else that looks like more fun. A place that actually appreciates them and shows it.

If you say "no we won't spend a penny we don't have to", then you're telling your staff exactly where they stand in the greater scheme of things. And it will cost you in staff turnover.

Your bean counters might think that people should be grateful to have the job they have and that saving a few bucks on entertainment is worth it. That's false economy.

If you really do value your staff, show it. It pays off.

If it does not excite you, it is not the right path.

Do yourself a favour and book some entertainment. Make it fun. Make it special. Make it memorable.

Find Your Passion and Other Bad Advice

There's this thought that somewhere we will "find" a passion, a purpose to our lives, something so inspiring and exciting that we never feel like we are working. Something that we are endlessly motivated to do.

The belief that such passions exist causes many of us to feel dissatisfied with what we are doing, and to look for something that meets our idea of what a true passion is.

Well meaning people tell us to "find our passion". And to keep looking until we do.

That can be bad advice. This article and associated research really reminded me of this: A major new study questions the common wisdom about how we should choose our careers.

If it does not excite you, it is not the right path.

In reality - we "choose" a passion. We create an interest in something through focus, and while it can be inspiring, it will often feel like work. And the passion we choose can also be hard.

If we constantly move on looking for something else when our current interest gets hard we are robbing ourselves of happiness. Everything can get hard at times.

In my own case I stumbled upon my current passion and occupation literally by accident. I was an infotech career person, and now I am a comedy hypnotist entertainer.

I love it. And yet there are times it is hard. Sometimes I feel unmotivated. Some aspects of the role are not especially enjoyable. But realistically - what else would you expect? It still mostly lights me up. And what I do is not especially easy. That's why I love it.

Don't find your passion. Choose to focus on something interesting and become passionate about it.

Entertainment Ideas for Staff Canteens and Warehouses

You’ve got a space to use, a large room or open area.

It might not be posh, but it works and you can gather the whole team. Perhaps you have a lot of tradies and store staff. You need an idea that everyone can have fun with.

What can you do there besides drink and eat?

1 Transform the space.

Decorations are great, but lighting can really change things up. Ditch the fluorescents and use table lamps and lamp stands. You can get Lighting gels cheaply which can turn a white work light into an amazing coloured effect. (Get proper gels that won’t mind warming up). If you book Gerard V he can usually bring lights, but also gels are cheap on eBay if you want to pick some up for other purposes.

2 Invite Family

Every workplace changes when staff bring their partners. And sometimes you can even bring the kids. (Saves on babysitters too).

3 Arrange a Show - Fun Entertainment

Stage an event for everyone to watch and enjoy, with optional participation.

A show engages the whole group, it takes the focus off work, and it stops people drinking too much. It gives people a reason to attend!

Do everyone a favour and book some entertainment. Make it fun. Make it special. Make it memorable.

When I say that you will sleep...

When I say that you will sleep.

When I talk about hypnosis and sleeping better - I really mean it. Hypnosis gets results and a great side effect of being a volunteer is how much better you will sleep afterwards.

Do yourself a favour and book some entertainment and then just sleep though it!

Why Would Anyone Come to Your Work Party?

Seriously. If all you have to offer is more food and drink, we seem to get a lot of that anyway.

We're coming to the time of year when companies book their end-of-year staff parties and customer parties. Since the last financial crisis many organisations have gotten into the habit of not doing much.

The excuse of not having the budget has begun to wear thin.

The per head cost of a good event isn't much in the overall scheme of things.

And no-one needs another evening of food and drink and nothing else.

Do everyone a favour and book some entertainment. Make it fun. Make it special. Make it memorable.

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