Free Stop Smoking Hypnosis CDs

I Forgot To Quit SmokingMany hypnotherapy sites offer "free" CDs to help you quit smoking. Or they'll sell you one. The CDs are easily available though sometimes you'll have to pay for the postage. Some are cheaply made, others impressively packaged.

They all have one thing in common.

They don't work worth a damn.

Maybe you know someone who knows someone who tried one of these and they say that they got results. Or maybe you are a hypnotist and convinced that you (and your product) "really helps people".

But let's look at the evidence.

Does Hypnosis Work For Quitting Cigarettes?

Searching online you'll find a plethora of claims that hypnosis is a fantastic method for smoking cessation.

But when you weed out those that are promoted by people who generally promote or sell hypnosis services, and the entire "alternative health" community who also believe that crystals and rainbow cardigans are valid treatments and that drops of water (aka homeopathy) can cure Ebola, the picture changes.

Serious medical and scientific studies are at best inconclusive.


So when discounting those with a vested interest either way, or those who might be influenced by confirmation bias towards finding that what they do is great, we're left with the fact that after 100's of years of medical hypnosis, we still lack any serious data to suggest that it works well for smoking.

So lets say that the answer to "does it work?" is "it depends, but sometimes it may".

As a hypnotist entertainer, when asked about this, my standard response is to say that hypnosis seems to work about as well as patches and counselling, and that the greatest factor is how determined the person is to give up. I then suggest that they start with quitline or their GP and go from there.

Are CDs A Good Way To Hypnotise People?

Y U no Quit SmokingWhen I learned hypnosis, originally it was during a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course with John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn. Both fantastic teachers and lovely people, they made the point repeatedly that observing your subject and responding to their reactions is a key part to hypnosis.

This is also supported by the real world experience of countless hypnotherapists and entertainers who recount stories of how they varied their approach to deal with this circumstance or that.

The literature on hypnosis is largely occupied with discussion on how every person and situation is different and how a canned one size fits all approach does not work.

From "So how do you become effective at inducing trance with a wide range of people?

  • Develop skill with different styles of induction
  • Become skilled at noticing signs of trance.
  • Positively reinforce when you see a sign of trance
  • Whenever you do something that works – do more of that.
  • If you try something and it doesn’t work – do something else!

This is further supported by past research experiments where using the same canned or recorded hypnotic induction was found to fail to hypnoise most candidates, though a skilled practioner could hypnotise a majority of candidates by varying their approach during the induction.

How Are Those CDs Made?

Well, anyone can just make one. Go ahead, get out your smartphone and record yourself yelling "Stop It! Stop it now!" for 10 minutes. Make it into a CD and then offer it for download.

No I am not serious, but really, you have no way of knowing how "good" the creator of a given CD actually is.

I hate to say this but people on the internet sometimes exaggerate and even tell untruths. Shocking I know. But it does seem that both large corporations and self help practitioners are prone to overstating the benefits of their products and supporting their claims with dubious cherry picked "scientific" (ahem) "studies".

Reviews might be from their friends and family (or entirely made up). After all, how can you actually check?

Putting it All Together

What if I told youHypnosis is not a cure-all for smoking. Its results are uncertain, and not well proven.

Canned hypnotic techiques are not especially effective at achieving hypnotic trance.

What you get could well be utter rubbish even if the foregoing did not apply.

Combined - the chances that a stop smoking CD will induce an effective trance, and then go on to also help you give up smoking are very low.

But If They're Free Does It Matter?

I don't know the answer to this. Generally I am not in favour of increasing the amount of gullibility in the world, and so would suggest not to bother.

Perhaps you might actually benefit from this. I do wonder though if trying such CDs and failing might damage the motivation of those who sincerely do need to give up.

However in the end the choice is yours to make.

My recommendation though is this.

Start with your GP or state/government agency, or quitline.

Or if you are keen to try hypnosis - find a reputable therapist and make an appointment. Go and see them.

If you're thinking you'd rather try the "free" approach consider this: if it is not worth any money to you to give up smoking, perhaps you aren't really that motivated to give it up in the first place.

Motivation however is the number one ingredient. With sufficient motivation, almost anything will help . . .

This Free Approach Is As Good As Most

Still wanting a free option? The approach below is free. The session initially deals with claustraphobia but is equally valid for most behavioural issues such as smoking. If applied diligently by smokers it is 100% effective at achieving cessation.

Changing Behavious, For Free!

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