Does The Need To Wake Up Stop You Sleeping?

Does this happen to you? You know you need to wake up in an hour or two - so you stay awake in anticipation? Sometimes the mild anxiety associated with having to wake up for the alarm is enough to spoil the last hour or two of sleep.

What can you do about it?

There are a few factors at play here. How well you sleep ordinarily, your levels of stress, and how confident you are that you will wake when needed. Also sometimes, you’ve simply slept enough, in which case you can simply get up and do something else.

Knowing that you will reliably wake to the alarm means that you need to have an alarm that you never sleep through, and that you know will go off. When I am really concerned on that front I set two alarms, and one that I have to get out of bed to reset. That way I cannot simply hit snooze and doze off again. Do what works for you.

The solutions to the stress problem and sleep in general don't lend themselves to a short blog post. Keep reading here for more tips and ideas to improve your sleep.

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Gerard V is unreal! Amazing night!!!

Gerard V

Gerard V is a comedy hypnotist entertainer based in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific including the USA and sometimes Europe . He does shows for companies, clubs and charities where he works live on stage with audience volunteers that he has never met before.   Gerard VTel: +61 468 419 994

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