Create a Good Quality Event

If your event is a play performed by 6 year olds – you don’t need to strive for West End stage settings and Emmy winning performances, but you do need it to be a good play by 6 year olds, and the rest of the event (ticketing, organisation, communication, promotion) can be of good quality.

In many respects, good quality can cost little or nothing to achieve.  For example, making sure that the tickets have all the correct details on them, and are well laid out (on a PC) can take no more effort or cost than poorly laid out tickets that omit the time the show starts, for example.

Use tidy and professional looking promotional materials make your tickets and promotional materials look tidy.  Whether printed on a PC in black and white, or professionally done in colour – they should be clear, attractive, and should have all the necessary information on them such as when, where, how much, and where to get more information.

If you are printing A4 sheets and cutting them up, use a guillotine to make the ticket corners square and even and the tickets all the same size. Have someone check your ticket drafts and give feedback on the look, the details, and the proof reading before you print them all off.