Charge a Fair Price (Not too Little, Not too Much)

This is the main point: Don’t undersell!

If people say they will not come for come for $20, they might as well not come for $30.

  • A movie costs $15 per person
  • 3 beers will cost about $13.50

Many people will pay $35 - $50 for a good night out.  And if they really can’t afford $20 for a show, or $30, then they probably cannot afford $15 either.  So don’t price your tickets too low.

But what about people with families you may ask?  If you price tickets at $30.  Then a family of four would cost $120 – and if that seems too pricey for your local community then have a family ticket price.  $30 per Adult.  $20 unwaged. Kids $15. Family groups of 4 $85. etc.  Remember it’s a fund raiser – you want to make a profit ahead of the costs.  You and a team of volunteers will be putting in effort to make this a quality show, and can charge accordingly.

People will pay $40 - $70 to see an overseas stage hypnotist. Gerard V is an international act. The show is genuinely world class and you can afford to charge a premium price for it.  We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.