Brain Hacking 1 - You are unconsciously limiting your horizons, stop it!

We like people like us, we choose to do things, buy things and read things based on what we think we know, and who we think we are.

This sounds ok, until you put it the other way. We dislike people who are not like us, we shun things and ideas based on what we think we know, and who we think we are. (The words racism and narrow-mindednesss can so easily apply).

Notice that the shunning of ideas has nothing to do with the concepts of “truth” or “right”, it is simply based on what we already believe. Though of course we are right and what we “know” is all true (except we are wrong about that).

Which means we cut ourselves off from new ideas, insights and concepts. From learning.

Right now you might be thinking that you come across new ideas all the time - and that is certainly true. But where do you get those ideas - where do you look for them? Like most of us, you probably look in comfortable places, where the ideas are already filtered to fit with your worldview.

Here's a simple mind expanding solution: every week or every day, make a point of seeking information from a place “you would never look”. Ideas from people that you don't usually associate with.

  1. Read a book by a religious figure or atheist, a feminist or male chauvinist, pro war or pro peace, perhaps. But from the opposite perspective that you have. Not because you agree with them, but because you do not. You will see them and some things differently as a result.

  2. Meet some people and spend time with them, perhaps at the market chat to someone from a different background. Or go to a cultural fair or event.

  3. Do something that scares you a little.

Shake up the cobwebs in your brain, by actively opening it up a bit more.

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Gerard V

Gerard V is a comedy hypnotist entertainer based in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific including the USA and sometimes Europe . He does shows for companies, clubs and charities where he works live on stage with audience volunteers that he has never met before.   Gerard VTel: +61 468 419 994

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