2 Easy Ways To Improve Your Creativity

Creativity is good right? We all know this and if it is a good thing then having more of it must be better?

And what better way to become more creative than to read a book on how to be more creative? After all the authors will have done a great deal of painstaking research into creativity, what it is and what fosters it in a reader. They will provide new insights based on new research.


Actually. Well. . . .

Mostly they don't.


Mostly they rehash the same-old same-old stories about others. As a genre books on creativity are anything but creative. A point well made by Thomas Frank in this article here http://www.salon.com/2013/10/13/ted_talks_are_lying_to_you/


But it is worse than that.


Because the methodology people use to identify what makes people successful starts by selecting a group of successful people and seeing what they have in common.


Even if they were very scientific about that analysis (they typically are not), they have started with a selection bias. Creative people may all have certain common traits, but these may be also shared with unsuccessful people, and sociopaths. Given the approach these books generally take, we’ll never know, and we also will never know if those traits are what makes people creative, or in fact result from their creativity (what is cause and what is effect) or are in fact just coincidences.


So here are the two things that you can do to become more creative.


1. Stop wasting time with books on creativity. They don't help.

2. Spend that time doing something creative - no matter how badly.


This won't make you Picasso or Jony Ive, but those books won't either.

Image: Simon Murcott.


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