Australia, New Zealand and USA

Travel is priced from your closest city: Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington, or Los Angeles!

Gerard V is based in Melbourne, Brisbane and in Wellington, and is frequently in the USA. He only charges you for travel from his nearest base. If you are in Australia, travel is worked out from Melbourne or Brisbane. If you are in NZ then travel is from Wellington. North American events are staged from Los Angelese or San Francisco.

How does that work? What if Gerard V is in NZ and I want a show in Sydney? In that case Gerard V would simply charge you for travel to Sydney from Melbourne.

It works because we organize consecutive events to be near to each other. And because Gerard has friends and family almost everywhere he is based.

It is a lifestyle choice. It usually works out fine, and when it doesn't, it is not your problem.

Since 2014 Gerard V has travelled internationally at least once per month - so he's frequently near you and can come to your event to entertain. However in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic stopped a lot of travel and it now takes a bit longer to organise. The net result is you should book a bit earlier so that we can get everything lined up and make it easy.

Rest assured though, you can still book comedy hypnotist Gerard V to bring his zany skills right to you, wherever your event is held.